Everything Has A Limit

Poker, economics, and personal crises, a three-for-one deal

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"I managed to nick seat 36D..." He he, this could be construed. Um, forget it ;)

Putting opponents in Vegas on ranges, ha. Range could be, well, anything!

Good luck, great read, wish I was still there to finally meet up.

Hi Felicia! Great to hear from you. I don't look up LiveJournal much these days, but I see that you are posting stuff again.

Two other events that I forgot to mention:

On Friday we were walking north to the Venetian to take advantage of the free wifi, when we were diverted off the sidewalk into Harrah's. There was a police car parked diagonally to the pavement facing the wrong way, and an ambulance. Clearly something had happened.

As we returned about 45 minutes later, it was chaos! The northbound strip had been sealed off from the Flamingo. Apparently some guy had been hit by a car and they were doing loads of measuring in an attempt to see whether the driver was at fault.

TBH, this carried on for about three hours, which struck me as somewhat excessive.

The second event was that on Sunday morning I was coercedc into taking a bite of a "corndog", a Midwest "delicacy" that Barb could not believe I had never eaten.

I had a couple of bites. It seemed to me to be highly processed meat deep fried inside a cake dough. Heart attack city! Not unpleasant, but not something I shall be queueing up to eat at the Illinois country fairs!

Sunday night I gave back $160 of the $450 profit. I lost a 70% shot for $100 when I got it all-in on the flop with QJ on a board of QJ3 two hearts. A3 of hearts would not fold, and hit the flush on the river.

Then I lost $50 against a short-stack with an all-n pf reraise by me, called by him with 33. :-)

For the rest of the three hours it was break-even.


Yes, I'm back! TYVM. I am healthy now, whooo :)

Ewww, corndogs. Reminds me of growing up in St. Louis. No wonder I got Pancreatitis!

Just keep grinding away. Low buy-in NLHE in Vegas is a gimme. If you run really really bad try O8, then you'll feel like a king, lol.

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