Everything Has A Limit

Poker, economics, and personal crises, a three-for-one deal

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Working in a team split between countries, we use a lot of conferencing stuff, both video and voice. I mostly find it a productivity middle ground between attending physically (near-zero value) and not attending at all (maximum output but risking missing the occasional useful nugget). So it's mostly a win. Anyway, got to run, team conf-call awaits...

Lync is useless rubbish. Even Microsoft (internally) concede that point. I realise that $6 billion or whatever it was for Skype might seem a bit extreme, but it's peanuts compared to the productivity lost to Lync.

I think the idea of HomerSoft has legs. I'd waddle down to Old Street on those legs and see if I couldn't sell it to some nurk in a turtleneck. If it helps, I think a "Max Headroom" option would be a boffo seller, and let's face it, nobody in the type of meetings you describe would even notice the difference.

The sages are wrong (as is Old Father Thyme). 95% of emails are used for something that shouldn't even be communicated at all. It is, nevertheless, true that 95% of the remainder should never be communicated via email.

I personally favour a random selector inside the mail daemon that fires off 95% of emails towards /dev/null. Actually, I may even have been beaten to this rather useful implementation.

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